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Posted by on Jun 1, 2016 in Doomsday, Underground shelters |

Useful tips for doomsday prepping beginners

Useful tips for doomsday prepping beginners

Survivalism includes preparing for all sorts of catastrophes and emergencies, and one of the branches of survivalism is doomsday prepping. It includes getting prepared to encounter the end of the world and survive all the possible scenarios that may cause the civilization to come to its end. This movement is gaining large popularity in the USA, but in the other parts of the world as well, and it includes mastering all sorts of skills – self-defense, using various weapons, storing food and water, building underground shelters and much more. In case you are considering creating your own supplies and building a shelter, make sure to read the guidelines in order to avoid the waste of time, money and space.

1. Spend money gradually2d259ee11a97b42820a5040e9c8d3869when you begin prepping, it is useful to make a detailed list of everything you need for building shelter, storing food and self-defense. The list will inevitably be long, but keep in mind that you do not have to buy everything at once – it is very unlikely that the doomsday will happen tomorrow. When you start buying supplies and building a shelter, do not rush in and buy the first things you see. Prepping is expensive, so stay patient and calm and wait for the most affordable offers.
2. Store enough water – an average human can make it without food for as long as 40 days, but only up to a week without water. Therefore, think about clean water supplies above everything else.
3. Store food and water properly – when storing food and water, make sure that they are stored in appropriate conditions. Store water in clean containers, store canned and dry food and keep everything in cool and dry place. Also, make sure that the shelves and the containers you use can support the weight of the food you store.

4. Do not only store canned food – keep in mind that it is not only canned food that can last long without going bad. Plus, eating only canned food can damage your health because of too much sodium. Therefore, store dry and frozen food as well, in order to diversify your diet.
5. Distribute the supplies – keeping the supplies only in one place can cost you a lot, because you never know when and where the catastrophe will hit. Keep the supplies in several different places, and make them at your reach.
6. Store sanitation and hygiene supplies as well – you need to think about staying clean in order not to get sick, because in case of an emergency, even the common flu is what may kill you. Therefore, stock up on soap, toilet paper, alcohol and other hygiene and sanitation products.

7. Think about your pets – if you have a pet, make sure to store food, water and medicine for them as well.
8. Stay in shape – catastrophes may require a lot of walking, running, climbing and whatnot. Therefore, try to maintain good physical shape, in order not to get exhausted when the catastrophe comes.
9. Test everything – do not rely on luck and just assume that everything will work just fine once you need it. Instead, test everything you buy and make, and check on it from time to time, in order to make sure that you can rely on all the equipment, tools and weapons you own.

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