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Posted by on Jun 1, 2016 in Doomsday, Underground shelters |

What to do if you have to leave the doomsday shelter

What to do if you have to leave the doomsday shelter

Most of us consider doomsday prepping as building a shelter and storing food and other supplies to be at hand when the day comes. It surely is a good idea, but the fact is that there are scenarios by which it is impossible to survive doomsday by staying at one place. While you do need to have a shelter and gather supplies, it is an equally plausible scenario that you will have to be on the move. In cases such as this one, it is important to know where to go and how to move in case to stay safe, healthy and unharmed, and we offer you several possible solutions in case you have to be on the move.
320px-Canyon_Creek_Shelter_ONP1Forests, national parks and wildlife refuges – the good side of these locations is that they are not private property and you are not likely to have unpleasant situations if you seek shelter there. You can find shelter in some of the abandoned ranger stations or even in a cave. Naturally, do not forget to bring a wildlife survival bag which will contain the essential equipment you will need for surviving in nature.

Camping grounds – they can be a great solution in case of a temporary emergency, because they are equipped with bathrooms, utilities and some of them even with basic emergency and medical supplies. They also usually store firewood, clean towels and sheets, and since they are usually placed near the water, you may have a water supply as well.
Abandoned factories – factories and plants are not likely to be working during or after the disaster, and they are most likely to be abandoned as soon as the disaster begins, or even before. They are large and sturdy and they provide plenty of hiding space and space for shelter. Also, they are often equipped with at least basic emergency supplies and medical kits, which can be helpful in the case of emergency.
Abandoned cities – there will be plenty of abandoned cities and towns during the disaster, and these places can provide plenty of space to hide and plenty of places where you can find food and other supplies. Also, there are so-called “ghost towns” all over the world even now, which have been standing abandoned for years and decades. Locate these ghost towns on your map, because they can provide shelter and hiding space in the case of disaster.
81710399Abandoned mines – just like factories and plants, the mines are not likely to work during and immediately after the disaster. Although they are underground, they are geologically stable and they can receive plenty of people and provide shelter for them. However, there are some cases when it is very unsafe to stay underground, such as during earthquakes, so make sure to estimate the situation carefully.
Keep in mind that these locations are suitable only for short-term emergencies. In case of the long-term disasters, they are still a good choice to spend some time there before you move on, but you should not spend all the time you have on these locations.

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