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Posted by on Jun 1, 2016 in Doomsday, Surviving |

The essential skills you will need in case of the doomsday

The essential skills you will need in case of the doomsday

When the doomsday comes, for those who manage to survive, the world will look a lot different than we are used to. After building a shelter, storing all the supplies and surviving the disaster, it will undoubtedly be more difficult to live in the world after the doomsday. However, if you store knowledge in your head in addition to storing supplies in your shelter, living in such a world may be easier for you than it would normally be. This is why we bring you some of the skills you will find extremely useful in case of surviving the doomsday. And not only that, these are the skills you could also trade in the post-apocalyptic world.
Clothes – you and the other survivals may find useful various knowledge and skills relating to clothes. Since washing clothes and buying new will not be easy or even possible after the disaster, it will be very appreciated if you can repair clothes and shoes and if you know how to wash clothes without the washing machine.
Raising animals and planting crops – the supplies of food will be extremely limited and not very available. Therefore, knowing how to raise chickens for eggs, goats and cows for milk and the like will be very useful. Also, growing and picking fruit, grains and vegetables, especially in extreme conditions, will be another essential skill needed for as normal life as possible.
Cleaning – it is necessary to keep yourself, your clothes and the environment clean to prevent the diseases from spreading. Knowing how to keep all this clean after an emergency will help you save your own life and health, and the lives and health of many other people.
Repairing and constructionroof-restoration-300x200all sorts of repairing, building and constructing will be very demanded and useful after almost everything is torn down or damaged, which is why these skills may also help you a lot after the danger passes.
Communication – in the post-apocalyptic world, it is very unlikely that communication via internet or mobile networks will be available. Therefore, if you know how to use various kinds of radios, it could save you and the others.
Cooking – when there is no more canned food or you are simply sick of it, knowing how to cook a meal will help you and the others diversify the diet and stay healthy.
Medical skills – it is inevitable that there will be injured survivals after the catastrophe. Therefore, knowing basic medical, first aid and dental skills will help increase the number of survivals and keep the high general level of health in your community.
Making fire9-150Z2104014-51fire is an essential need in case of the emergency, and it is used for plenty of purposes. If you know how to light a fire without matches or lighter it can save your life, feed you or lighten your way in many situations.
Hunting – since meat will not be as easily available as before the disaster, knowing how to hunt and fish could keep you and other members of the community well fed and healthy.
Teaching – it is very unlikely that schools will be open after the disaster, but it is still important to educate the kids. Therefore, those who have knowledge to share will be widely appreciated and very much needed.
Water purification – water is one of the essential needs of every human being, and the sources of clean water are unlikely to be easily available after the doomsday. This is why knowing how to purify water is one of the essential skills needed for surviving after the disaster has passed.

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